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"By far the best steaks ever! The service was great, the steaks were cooked to perfection and the garlic mash was to die for! Talk about steak perfection, this steak house gives you the true Rocky Mountain high!! Also if you like cigars they have a cigar bar in the back with an awesome humidor where you can choose your cigar and then kickback and relax on one of their comfy couches!"

Schlesingers Cigar Bar

The enjoyment at Schlesinger's doesn't just stop at the steaks. In fact, its just the tip of the iceberg. After you are full, come down to one of our 3 bars and get the party started. 

The first stop is one of the only bars in New York state that allow smoking. Our Cigar Bar has a free standing humidor in it. But, if the selection is too limited for you there, head into Hudson Valley Cigars for the full walk-in humidor experience.

Cigar Bar Hours of Operation

Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Sunday : Open at 3:00PM

Lit cigar and alcoholic drink
Cigar room with boxes of cigars


Box of cigars


View of interior.  Bar and lounge.
Men in cigar room

Just another Saturday Morning with the Cigar Family